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Teach to Reach Elite Status

How It Works


Teach at least 52 days beginning September 7, 2021 through December 10, 2021. That’s an average of 4 days per week.

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Enjoy surprise perks throughout the semester.

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Receive a Fall 2021 Elite Sub badge on your profile and recognition on Swing’s website when you reach Elite Status. See terms.

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Continue receiving perks in Spring 2022, such as priority service from Swing Support.

Elite Sub Fall 2021 Perks


A back-to-school surprise in September

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A midterm perk in October


A holiday surprise

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An Elite Sub Fall 2021 badge on your profile


Recognition on Swing’s website


About Swing Elite Sub

What is the Swing Elite Sub program?

Swing Elite Sub is a status reserved for Swing's most dedicated substitute teachers. You have the opportunity to achieve Elite Sub status each semester when you reach the goals specified for the semester. For Fall 2021, the goal is to successfully teach 52 days beginning September 7, 2021 through December 10, 2021. This is approximately 4 days per week. Teachers who are on track to reach the goal througout the semester will be eligible for surprise perks. Teachers who successfully complete 52 teaching days in the period will be eligible for recognition awards as specified at teachers.swingeducation.com/elite-sub.

Where can I track how many days I've worked?

You will receive periodic email updates from Swing indicating whether you are on track to reach your goal. At the end of the period, you will receive an email from Swing letting you know if you have reached Elite Sub status.

Will I have to pay income taxes gifts or rewards I receive?

No. Material goods valued under a total of $1600 for the tax year are not taxable.

Can I get cash instead of rewards?

No, Swing Elite Sub is not a cash incentive program.

What if I have to cancel an assignment? Do I still get credit for working a day?

If you cancel an assignment without working, you will not earn credit for that assignment.

What if I am sent home in the middle of the day while on assignment? Do I get credit for working a day?

Yes, as long as you are sent home sent home for a permitted reason and not for misconduct or for leaving early without permission. Outside these circumstances, you will earn credit for one day even if you work a partial day.

What if I am in a long-term assignment?

Long-term assignments are the best way to reach your goal. If you have already begun a long-term assignment prior to the promotional period, you will begin receiving credit for the days you work starting September 7, 2021. The days you work prior to the period will not count. If you begin a long-term assignment in the middle of the promotional period, you will receive credit for days worked through December 10, 2021, but not afterward.

If I participate in a Swing Elite Sub program, will Swing Education share my personal information with any of its third-party vendors?

The email address you use to log into your Swing account will be shared with our vendors solely for the purpose of administering the Swing Elite Sub program. For example, so that you may know how many days you have worked and whether you have earned rewards. Swing Subs’ email addresses will not be shared by Swing’s third-party vendors except as needed for the sole purpose of administering the program.

I have more questions. Whom do I ask?

Contact Swing Support here if you have further questions about the Elite Sub program.

Do half days, sick days or training days count toward the goal?

Either a half day or a full day counts as one day. If you work two half-days in the same day, it counts as one day. Neither training days nor sick days count toward the goal. Only teaching days count.

What rewards will I earn?

Please see the Swing Elite Sub home page to read about the package of rewards for Spring 2021.

What if I don't receive my reward?

Just contact us here and we'll help.

When will I see the badge on my Swing account?

You should be able to view your badge in the settings of your Swing account no later than January 31, 2022.

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