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Teach with Swing and Treat Yourself

January 29, 2021 - March 5, 2021

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Earn, Track, Redeem

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Earn points

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Track points in your Swing account

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Redeem your rewards from March 12 - April 2

We'll email you a personalized link by March 12

Bonus! Enter an Apple Watch Giveaway if you reach 150 points

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The More You Teach, the Bigger Your Reward

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Teach 5 days,
earn 50 points

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Teach 10 days,
earn 100 points

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Teach 15 days,
earn 150 points

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50-point rewards

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100-point rewards

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150-point rewards

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Make it to 150 points and you’ll also be entered into an Apple watch giveaway!

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Please note there is a slight chance that one or more of these items will be out of stock when it’s time to redeem your reward. Any item that goes out of stock will be replaced with an item of equal value.

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Track Your Points

Find your points balance on the account page. Your points balance updates weekly.